Missing Assessment Data

If assessment data is missing, please open a support ticket and include the following information:

1.  VB-MAPP App account email

2.  Student Name

3.  Date of the Assessment

4.  Are you the owner of the student or are you assigned as an Authorized User for that student?

5.  Are any other users also authorized to access this student?

6.  Is there more than one person accessing this VB-MAPP account?

7.  When you compare the % complete between the iOS app and the Website what %'s do you see for the iOS App and for the Website?

8.  Was the assessment conducted on the website or the iOS App?

9.  If using the iOS App, was the device connected to the internet at all times?

10.  Were two or more users conducting the assessment simultaneously?

11.  In reference to the scores that were not saving:  On what date were the scores being added to the app?

12.  What questions were being scored and with what score value were they being scored?

13.  What was the date of the highest level of completion for the assessment?  (This is needed if we find it necessary to restore the assessment form a Backup)

14.  The more detailed information that you can provide about this issue, the faster we will be able to resolve it.



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