Transferring Students Between VB-MAPP Accounts

The new VB-MAPP App and Website now allow another user to have authorization to access a student.  Moving students and transferring credits is no longer needed.

A main VB-MAPP account is created for your organization (or choose to use an existing account) and all student credits are purchased in this account.  All students are created in this account and then authorization is granted to other users to access the students. 

For example:  ABC School may create the VB-MAPP account to use as their main Vb-MAPP account.  They will purchase all of the credits and create all of the students in this account.

Since all credits are in the main account, your authorized users only need to create a free VB-MAPP account if they do not already have one.  They will NOT need to maintain credits in their account.

If your organization already has multiple VB-MAPP accounts each with their own credits and students, we can do a one time merge of all the credits and students into your main account for you.  Please contact Customer Support with the email address of your main VB-MAPP account as well as which VB-MAPP accounts need to be merged into it.

Once we have merged the student and credits into your main VB-MAPP account you can begin granting authorization.  Instructions can be found here.

If a teacher/clinician leaves the district/clinic or a student moves to a new classroom, the previous authorization can be easily removed and new one granted. 

The App also allows for multiple users to have access to a student.  This is especially helpful if there is a team working with a student and allows each team member to have access to the students VB-MAPP assessments.

Authorizations can be managed by logging into your main VB-MAPP account on the VB-MAPP App Website.  



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