Create a Student

To create a student in the iOS app:

Creating a new student will consume a student credit.

1.  Once you are logged in to your VB-MAPP account, tap on the + to add a new student.


2.  Enter Student Code (Optional) and/or the First Name and Last Name of the student.

If you choose to associate a code with the student, entering a First and Last Name is optional.

If you choose not to associate a code with the student, you must provide a First and Last Name.  Initials may be used.


3.  Tap on the Date of Birth field and Select the Date of Birth from the date picker.


4.  Tap on the Gender field and select the gender.

5.  (Optional) If you want to associate a color with the student record, tap on Color Selection and choose a color.

6.  Tap Save once you have finished entering the student data.

7.  Your new student will now show in your Student List.


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