Create an Assessment

Please scroll down for instructions on Creating an Assessment on the VB-MAPP iOS App


Create an Assessment on the VB-MAPP App website:

Once you have created a student you can begin to assess the student.

1.  Select the student you will be conducting an assessment for.

2.  In the Current Assessment section select Create Assessment.




Create an Assessment in the iOS App:

1.  Tap on the student you want to create an assessment for.


2.  Tap on the + to create a new assessment.  


3.  If the student has a previous assessment it is not 100% complete, you will need to select Yes in order to create a new assessment.


4.  If you need to change the date of the assessment, tap on the Assessment Date to choose a new date.

5.  Tap Save 


6.  You will now see your newly created assessment list in the Assessments list.  Tap on the assessment date to being the assessment.



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