GET Button or Download Button is Grayed Out in the App Store

If you are trying to install the iOS app for the first time or re-install the VB-MAPP iOS app, you may notice that the GET button or the cloud button is gray and you are unable to tap on it.

This is a result of a Restriction that you have placed on the App Store.  The VB-MAPP App has a 17+ rating and if the settings on your iPad are lower than that, you will need to temporarily disable your restrictions to install the app.

1.  Open the Settings App on your iPad.

2. Tap on General Settings

3. Tap on Restrictions

4.  You will be promoted to enter your Restrictions code

4. Tap on Disable Restrictions

5.  Returns to the App Store and you will now be able to install the VB-MAPP App.

6.  Once the install is complete, you can return to the Settings App and Enable your Restrictions 



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