-Adding an Authorized User to a Specific Student/Client

Adding  an authorized user must be done from the VB-MAPP App Website.

Go to www.vbmappapp.com and login to your VB-MAPP account


1.  Click on the Student in the Active Student Records list that the Authorized User will have access to.



2.  Click on Create Authorization



3.  Select the student from the dropdown menu if it is not already selected



4.  Enter the email address of the VB-MAPP account you want to give access to the student.

If the user does not already have a free VB-MAPP account, they will need to create one before they can have students assigned to them.  


5.  Select the type of Authorization you want to give to the Authorized User.

  1. Read Access - this allows the user to see the student data and generate reports.
  2. Read and Write Access - the allows the user to view student data, conduct assessments and generate reports.

6.  Click Create Authorization


7.  When the user logs in to their VB-MAPP account, they will only see the students/clients that they have been given access to.

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