Printing and Exporting IEP Report

Please scroll down for instructions on printing/ exporting form the VB-MAPP App Website.


To print or export the IEP Report from the iOS App:

1.  Select the student from your list of students.

2.  Tap on the IEP Report


3. Tap the Export icon

4.  Select how you want to export the IEP Report.

  • Send via Message
  • Send via email - if you use a third party email app, you should see it in the list.  If you do not see your email application click here for further instructions.

  • Airdrop
  • Print
  • Send to an app installed in your iPad

5.  You can also edit the IEP report before you export it by tapping on the text.  

You must export the file once you have made changes. These changes will not be saved inside of the app. 


To generate an IEP report from the VB-MAPP App Website:

1.  Select the student from the list of Active Student Records.


2.  Click on the Report button in the Student information section.


3. Select the Assessments to include in the report.

4.  Click Download Report


5.  The Report will open in .rtf format ready to be edited.  You will need to save this Report to your hard drive.

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