Are There Demonstrations of How the VB-MAPP is Being Used?

If you are interested in seeing how the VB-MAPP is being used by professionals and parents, there are presentations available on-line. For a few examples see:

On YouTube

“BACA Parent/Therapist Testimonial Jace” “Mia’s Journey, the Verbal Behavior Approach” or “Behavior Analysis Center for Autism – BACA”

Through the Florida Institute of Technology, Applied Behavior Analysis Program

Presentation by Amiris DiPuglia, M.D., BCBA from the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Network titled “Large Scale Implementation of the Verbal Behavior Model.” This presentation demonstrates meaningful gains, and use of the VB-MAPP throughout 130+ public school classrooms

Presentation by Mary Barbera, Ph.D., BCBA “The Verbal Behavior Approach: Home Programming for Children with Autism,” also available at

The VB-MAPP is used in schools that have been listed as “Recognized Schools for Children with Autism” at


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