Are There Online Courses Available to Learn How to Do the VB-MAPP?

VB-MAPP App offers BCBA created online web based training

Our "Conducting the VB-MAPP Assessment" online course includes the following modules:

  • Introduction to the Course
  • What is ABA and how does it relate to language?
  • What is the VB-MAPP?
  • The VB-MAPP Milestones Assessment
  • The Early Echoic Skills Assessment
  • The Task Analysis and supporting skills list
  • The Barriers Assessment
  • The Transition Assessment
  • Interpreting the results

Hands on exercises include:

  • Identifying the operants
  • Conducting the EESA sub assessment
  • Filling in the scoring grids
  • Quizzes throughout to verify understanding

Actual assessment activities in video form include:

  • Pairing videos
  • Videos of the various milestones being assessed
  • Video of the EESA being conducted
  • All the core operants in usage

This online course is audio and video rich and also taught by Liz Maher, MEd, BCBA. Hands on exercises provide the necessary experience participants need to feel confident when conducting the VB-MAPP Assessment. This VB-MAPP web based training is offered for $99.00 per participant.

To sign up for this training, create or login to your free VB-MAPP App account on the VB-MAPP App Website and click 'Purchase' to purchase the online training.

For more information, or to get information about bulk purchasing of the online training, please contact:


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