Access Previous Assessments

Please scroll down for instructions on accessing Precious Assessments in the iOS App.


To Access Previous Assessments from the VB-MAPP App Website:

Previous assessments are all listed on the Student page.

1.  Select the student form the Active Student list


2.  The current assessment is listed in the Current Assessment section.  All previous assessments will be listed in the Previous Assessments section.

Scoring grids showing all assessments can also be accessed from the Student section by clicking on the type of Scoring grid you want to see.


To Access Previous Assessments from the VB-MAPP iOS App:

1.  Tap on the student whose assessments you wish to access.

2.  All Assessments for that student will be listed.

3.  Select the assessment you wish to view or select a Scoring Grid from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

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