Create an Organizational Authorization

An organizational authorization allows you to grant another user access to your Organization's VB-MAPP information including all students and their assessments.

This authorization was created for those large organizations that may have one person who manages or oversees the assessments and would need access to all of the student assessments.

An authorized user CANNOT make purchases or create students.

Teachers and clinicians should be Authorized Users since they will only need access to the students they work with.  More information on Authorized Users can be found here.


1.  Login to your VB-MAPP account

2.  Click on the Organization Name

3.  Click Create Authorization

4.  Enter the users VB-MAPP account email

5.  Select the type of authorization you want to grant to the user

  • View All Clients will allow the user to view the clients and generate reports
  • View and Edit All Clients will allow the user to view client data, edit existing assessments and generate reports.


6.  Click Create Authorization

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