Change the Color on the Scoring Grid

If you change the assessment color on the Milestones Grid the color will also change in the Barriers and Transitions grids.

If you are chaining the color on the website, and it doesn't work, please enable JavaScript in your web browser.  Once JavaScript has been enabled in your browser you should have no problems changing the color.

Please scroll down for instructions on changing the color on the VB-MAPP App Website.


To Change the color in the iOS App:

1.  Tap on Milestones to show the Milestone Scoring Grid


2.  Tap on the color you want to change and select a new color from the color picker


Changing the color on the Milestones Scoring Grid will also change the color on the Barriers and Transitions Grids.


To Change the color on the VB-MAPP App Website:

1.  Click on the Milestones button to go to the Milestones Scoring Grid


2.  Click the color you want to change


3.  Select a new color



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