How Much Does VB-MAPP App Cost?

The VB-MAPP App is free to download.  If your account will only be used as an Authorized User, then there will be no cost for you to use the app.

VB-MAPP Accounts that will be creating students will need to purchase a Student Credit for each student created.  The student credit is good for the life of the student and for as many assessments as are needed.

Student credits come in packages of 1, 3, 10 and 25 and are priced as follows:

  • $19.99 - 1 student credit 
  • $54.99 - 3 student credits  (9% discount)
  • $179.99 - 10 student credits (12% discount)
  • $399.99 - 25 student credits (21% discount) 

 Credits can be purchased through the iOS App (iTunes) or through the website and can be used in both the iOS app and the website.

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