Generate and Print a Quote

If you need to submit a Quote to your purchasing department you can easily do so from the VB-MAPP App Website.

1.  Log in to your VB-MAPP account on the VB-MAPP Website.

2.  Under Organization click on your Organization Name


3.  Click Generate A Quote


4.  Enter the quantity you with to purchase.   At the bottom you will see the total number of student credits being purchased.

5.  If you have a Promo Code enter it and click Apply Promotion.  The amount due will change accordingly.

6.  Click Generate A Quote


7.  If this is your first purchase you will need to click New Address and enter your billing address.


8.  If you have already made a purchase you will see your billing address listed.  Select the correct billing address if there are more than one.

9.  Click Select Address

10.  If your billing address has changed, click New Address and enter the new billing address.


11.  Make sure your Billing Information and purchase is correct.

12.  If the information is correct, click Home.  If the information is incorrect, click your browser's BACK button to go make any needed changes.



To Print your Quote

1.  Click on your Organization Name


2.  Click on the date of the Quote


3.  Click Print at the bottom of the Quote.




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