Change the Assessor Name on an Assessment

The assessor name automatically comes from the name associated with the VB-MAPP account that created the assessment and cannot be changed.

Organizations should only have one VB-MAPP account that contains all of their students and student credits.  They should be assigning an authorization to the user that will be conducting the assessment.  The Authorized User will login to the VB-MAPP with their own account to create and conduct the assessment and their name show on the scoring grids and reports.

Information on setting up Authorized Users can be found here.

If your organization currently has multiple VB-MAPP accounts each containing students and student credits, please submit a Support Request asking for additional information on merging these accounts together.  Once the accounts are all merged together you can begin assigning Authorized Users to your students.

We recommend merging the accounts as soon as possible since student and credits can no longer be moved between VB-MAPP accounts.


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