Using the VB-MAPP App for iPad, iPhone and Web

This free course is for all users of the VB-MAPP App for iPhone, iPad and Web

  • Welcome to the VB-MAPP App!
  • Which platform: iPhone, Ipad, Web? Answer: All of them!
  • Getting setup on your Devices
  • Navigating the app, starting and resuming an assessment
  • Using the built in Test Student
  • Reporting and sharing results
  • Exporting and Printing the scoring grids
  • Generating an IEP report
  • Using Authorizations to share and collaborate
  • Purchasing student seats
  • Purchase with a credit card
  • Purchase with a purchase order
  • Getting help

Login to your VB-MAPP account on the VB-MAPP App Website and click on the Training tab.

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